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The kusala philosophy

The word kusala comes from the ancient Indian language of Pali and means an action which naturally creates goodness.

The love of Earth, of simple manual work and of the contact with wild plants allows us to maintain a connection with all that is alive and unites us. 

Meet Marguerite,
the floral artisan

Kusala Rose was created in 2011 by Marguerite, a herbalist passionate by holistic health.


After completing her trainings in nursing, traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbalism, she travelled around the world. Realizing how rich and unique her homeland's botany was, she decided to honor her passion for global health and created a line of facial care products using the wild rose of Gaspe.


The Gaspe Peninsula is one of the three richest regions in Canada for endemic species. It shelters a great diversity of ecosystems, including bog wetlands, lakes, rivers, the Appalachians Mountains, the salt waters of the Gulf and the Baie-des-Chaleurs.

These salty and cold ecosystems are the perfect home to a concentration of bioactive botanical elements of great interest for cosmetics such as essential oils, resins, antioxidants, etc.

Cosmetics of the land

When it comes to skin health, we firmly believe in the science of nature.


Our products stand halfway between the cosmetic and natural worlds. We pair with local artisans to create a range  high-end facial treatments and eco-responsible products, free of any toxins.

Magic lies in every of our jars. Each is packed with fresh extracts of wild rose and a range of more than twenty medicinal plants gathered either in our organic gardens or in the Gaspe's wild.

Eco-friendly cosmetics

Up to 60 % of chemicals applied to the skin can make their way to the bloodstream. The skin being the largest organ of the body, any toxins absorbed can create sensitivities, allergies, cancers, birth defects and other serious health problems.

This is why we take great care in keeping our ingredients simple.

You would definitively not drink crude petroleum, so why would you have your skin do so ? Let us help in the transition : are you ready for your new eco-friendly, non-toxic beauty routine ? 


Our earthly engagement

Every year, we plant around 100 trees on our farm. We cultivate a forest garden and a field of melliferous plants on our land.


We are involved in a variety of community environmental projects, including the preservation of old-growth forests.


We always give priority to locally produced raw materials

and packaging that is refillable, compostable, recycled or recyclable.


We are certified Ecoresponsible

by Les Pages Vertes.

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