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The maritime climate of the Gaspesie and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions fosters the wild rose's growth along its seashore.

Some roses in each and every jar

The science of plants in the service of your health.


Finesse, freshness and charm

radicaux libre

Rose oil is particularly popular in the cosmetic world. For centuries, it has been known and celebrated for its skin regenerating properties. 

Thanks to their unique combination of antioxidants including citronelol and geraniol, roses help in reducing the signs of aging and in slowing down the damage free radicals might cause.

Rose oil enhances the skin's natural glow and helps in building collagen. It also treats dry skin, broken capillaries, rosacea, scars, eczema and hyperpigmentation. 


To honor and enjoy all of their benefits, we pick wild roses  at their peak, right after the morning dew.

la fumée rose

Wild rose flower macerate

Following biodynamic and ancestral methods of extraction, we proceed to the maceration of the wild rose flowers in using fine oils in order to capture all of their fragrance and medicinal properties. The maceration is carried out slowly, right in the garden, just as the Druids themselves did.

Rose Best Sellers

The rose absolute :
highly whimsy 

Even though crafting rose absolute requires a delicate and laborious process, the finished product is well worth it as its fragrance is simply sublime.

The first stage of production is called enfleurage. It consists in bringing together a fatty substance and rose petals to extract the latter's volatile essence. The raw substance thus produced is called "concrete" and resembles wax. From a second extraction is born the rose absolute, a fluid substance similar to essential oil.
The extraction of volatile rose essences requires
an extremely large volume of fresh flowers : 350 kg of roses will produce 1 kg of concrete and 10 000 kg will generate 2.5 kg of absolute or 1 kg of essential oil.

 The Rose Valley, in Bulgaria, enjoys a very unique climate. It allowed for the centuries-old extraction of rose essences tradition to develop. It is from an organic family farm tucked in this valley that Kusala's
 rose essences originate.

Soothing the heart
in wide ways

Roses hold the power to altogether calm, console, comfort, soothe, pacify, relieve, cradle, charm, and inspire.


Wild rose berries

In the fall, the flowers of wild roses turn into large orange berries called rosehips. Highly nutritious, these fruits are particularly rich in bioflavonoids, carotenoids and anthocyanins. 

Wild rose berries' oils

  In order to extract all the medicinal properties of the wild rose berries, we use both their pulp and seeds. The first process of the extraction consists in having the pulp of the berries macerating in a fine oil. The second step is where we apply seeds supercritical CO2 to the seeds.

The oil obtained from rose seeds is particularly rich is essential fatty acids, which promote collagen formation. Moreover, the a
ntioxidant pulp oil is packed with vitamin C. It is indeed said to contain twenty times more than oranges do. 

Smooth and creamy

Our wild rose seed butter is the result of an elaborate crafting process. Initiated in 2020, our production is innovative in the Gaspé area.

Once harvested, the seeds of the wild rose berries are separated from their pulp through centrifugation. Given their small size, seeds cannot be mechanically pressed. The hypercritical CO2 extraction technique must thus be used to extract their oil. A fine oil and small amount of golden yellow butter are thus obtained.
A precious ally for cutaneous health, this butter quickly penetrates under the skin. It promotes elasticity and strengthens mature skin, leaving it supple and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The sea buckthorn : a Nordic tonic 

Sea buckthorn fruits contain powerful antioxidants offering protective effects.
They help in fighting the damage caused by oxidation and pollution.

Sea buckthorn oils

The sea buckthorn oil has an orange color which indicates its richness in beta-carotene.
This essential oil is widely used in skin regenerating treatments.
 In order to enjoy all of the berries' medicinal properties, we use both their pulp and seeds. The first extraction process requires us macerating the pulp in a fine oil, while the second step uses supercritical CO2 to extract from the seeds.

The pulp oil contains palmitoleic acid which protects against free radicals.
It is also known for its high vitamin E and omega 7 content. The latter is known for its regenerative and healing qualities and is quite
 rare in the plant world.

Sea buckthorn seed oil
  is also rich in the essential fatty acids that are omega 3 and omega 6.
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