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Spring freshness trio

An ultra-light moisturizing trio with Gaspésie rosehip oil and wild algae.

Gamme hydratate pour l'été

The sweet magic of the wild rose

A blossoming bouquet of medicinal flowers and herbs

We use the organic bioactive extracts of more than twenty medicinal plants such as wild rose, sea buckthorn and raspberry seeds. All of them are carefully grown in our gardens or lovingly gathered throughout Gaspé's wild.

The rosehip berry

Rich in retinoic acid, a natural vitamin A, wild rose seed oil has regenerative properties. It prevents the signs of aging and facilitates skin renewal.

The wild rose
wild rose

Rose petals 
act as a tensor tonic.
The fragrance of the flower

promotes balance and healing.

Sea hippophea 
Sea hippophea

Orange oil from sea buckthorn berries 

with antioxidant properties 

is very rich in beta-carotene

and palmitoleic acid.

Recognized for its anti-aging properties, it helps to revive the complexion.


I received my eye duo this week. What a marvel of products and the captivating aromas of rose and honey. We feel the tightening and hydrating effect of the product from the first application. I'm so happy.


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